Pricelist for Liber-t (France)

Only for vehicles with a maximum permitted weight of less than 3.5 tons (drawing vehicle) and a maximum height of  3 meters!

Provision of a Liber-t Box (Short-term use)

Activation flat rate per toll device 5.00€ once only
Service charges for providing the toll device for the first 28 days 1.75€ per day
Service charges for providing the toll device as from the 29. day cost-free
Service charges for registered toll charges (gross toll turnover) 0%
Please also take notice of the price lists of our partners (see selection above) for possible discounts. Only members of the respective partners can use these price lists.


(1) The contract shall commence 14 days after dispatch of the toll product by tolltickets or from the day of the first recorded transaction at the toll station (whichever comes first) and shall end by the return of the device to tolltickets (date of the postal receipt).
(2) If the toll device is not returned within 12 months after dispatch, a change to a long-term contract will automatically take place. The commercial conditions for long-term use are to be found on the tolltickets website.
(3) Apart from the service charges shown above, tolltickets will settle all toll charges registered. Your invoice will contain an itemised list of all toll charges registered.
(4) The toll and service charges are settled once to twice a month until all transactions of the toll operators have been received by tolltickets. This means settlements are also possible after the return of the toll box.
(5) The toll box for short-term use may not be used for commercial purposes. This is only possible for long-term use.
(6) The base currency is EUR. For settlements in a foreign currency, the rate of exchange can be adjusted during the contractual period at any time and without advance warning.
(7) All prices are inclusive VAT. plus dispatch and packaging costs (click here)

Loss / Theft / Damage / Incomplete return of toll items

We will charge EUR 35.00€ for each toll device in the event of any loss / theft / damage / incomplete return / blocking thereof